Nashi Immigrants Health Board

Nashi Immigrants Health Board is a registered non-profit organization founded by people in the community in partnership with WA DOH



We partner with Ukrainian and Russian speaking communities in WA state to meet the broad range of health and social needs of our people and advocate through community engagement, empowerment and connection to resources. 


We seek to understand, support and empower our community and provide for a healthy future for “Nashi” (our community) through a lens of health equity and social justice.

Is it COVID 19 or something else?

Allergy season is well underway in the Northwest, and the sneezes, sore throats, and headaches that come along with all the blossoms and blooms can make you wonder whether you have picked up the COVID-19 virus. Taking home tests for COVID-19 after spending time unmasked, indoors, is always a smart idea. There’s also a helpful guide from the Washington Department of Health that explains which symptoms are more likely to be COVID and which are typical of other illnesses. It can help you decide whether you should test for COVID or see a doctor. The guide is online here: Russian | Ukrainian | English


COVID-19 therapies. It’s important to be up-to-date with COVID-19 vaccines to stay healthy even if you get infected with the virus. There also are a few treatments for the disease if you come down with COVID. Oral anti-viral medicine and monoclonal antibody infusions are two types of treatment, and they are available only through health care providers and/or pharmacies. Department of Health has produced fact sheets to explain these treatments and how to get them.

Oral anti-viral medicine Russian | Ukrainian | English and Monoclonal antibodies Russian | Ukrainian | English