Welcome to Washington! There are many government and community programs to help you and your family food, health care, and household expenses. The programs are listed below, along with information about who may qualify and how to get the service or benefit.

Using the programs or services below will not threaten your immigration status now or if you apply to become a permanent resident later.

Applying for government programs can be complicated. The table below gives you information on how to get started. It is common to need a friend, family member, or community advocate to help with someone’s application. 

Program name Benefit or service Who qualifies (“eligibility criteria”) What to do first

State and federal programs:

– Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

– State Family Assistance

– Refugee Cash Assistance

Money from the government to spend on household needs

If you qualify for Refugee Cash Assistance, you also will receive Refugee Medical Assistance

The program for you will depend on:

– Immigration status

– Income

– Whether you have children

Call 877-501-2233

Or apply online at WashingtonConnection.org

Or apply in person at DSHS office listed here https://www.dshs.wa.gov/office-locations

State and federal programs:

– State Food Assistance

– Basic Food Assistance

Money from the government to spend on almost any foods

Women, Infants, and Children Nutrition program (“WIC”)




Temporary Housing Assistance

Money from the government to spend on healthy foods







A short-term housing assistance program to help those struggling to pay rent and utility bills

Pregnant women, new and breastfeeding moms, and children below age 5


Refugees, people granted asylum from Ukraine or Afghanistan


Call the “Help Me Grow WA” hotline


Or search by “WIC” and your zip code here: https://resources.parenthelp123.org





email: Tawab.Fakhri@rescue.org or text (425) 393-4059

Medical care in the United States is provided mostly by private hospitals and clinics. Some clinics and hospitals provide free health care services. In other cases, care can be very expensive, and most people have health insurance (also called medical insurance or health coverage) to pay for the care. Health insurance in the U.S. is most commonly provided by employers as part of compensation for work. People who do not get insurance at work can buy a health plan at full price, or they may qualify for a government subsidy to help pay for it. People with low incomes may qualify for free health coverage paid by the state and federal government. It is a complex system, and most Americans have a hard time figuring out the programs. You may need help from a “navigator.”

General programs 

– People with any legal immigration status can use these services

Program name Benefit or service Who qualifies (“eligibility criteria”) What to do first
Health Insurance Navigators People who understand health care programs help you apply for coverage. Their help is free. Some speak Russian and others may speak Ukrainian. Everyone

Call 1-855-923-4633 and ask to be referred to a Navigator who speaks your language  

Or search for a Navigator here: https://www.wahealthplanfinder.org/HBEWeb/Annon_DisplayBrokerNavigatorSearch.action?brokerNavigator=NAV&request_locale=en

Or contact one of the Navigators who speaks Russian:

Yelena Tiginyanu, (206) 461-6957, YelenaT@neighborcare.org

Sabina Bagirova, (206) 379-6815, sabinab@ichs.com

Olga Kushnerchuk, (509) 444-8200, okushnerchuk@chas.org

ParentHelp 123 – Help Me Grow Washington Knowledgeable staff can help you understand health care options. Their help is free Everyone


Or apply online https://www.wahealthplanfinder.org

State health insurance programs:

– Apple Health (Medicaid)

– Alien Medical Program

– Private insurance from the Washington Health Benefit Exchange

– Refugee Medical Assistance 

These programs provide:

Free or very low-cost health insurance for people with low incomes 


Subsidies to help pay for private health insurance for people with moderate or higher incomes

The program for you will depend on

– Immigration status

– Income

– Age

– Pregnant or not

Contact a Navigator (see above)

Or apply online https://www.wahealthplanfinder.org

Exception: People get Refugee Medical Assistance when they apply for and receive Refugee Cash assistance (see above)

People who do not have health insurance and cannot afford to pay for medical, dental, or mental health care can go to clinics that provide care for free or a low cost.
Program name Benefit or service Who qualifies (“eligibility criteria”) What to do first
SeaMar Community Health Centers These health clinics charge lower prices for people with low incomes Everyone

Find a clinic near you and call to make an appointment


25 more low-cost health centers A network of health clinics like SeaMar (above) provide health care to anyone, even if they cannot afford to pay. Some of the clinics have dental services Everyone

Enter your address to find a clinic near you


Free Clinic of SouthWest Washington Free medical, dental, diabetes care in Southwest Washington  Everyone

Call to make an appointment


Lahai Health Low-cost medical, dental, and mental health care in King and Snohomish counties Everyone

Call to make an appointment for:

Medical: 206-363-4105 ext. 230

Dental: (206) 363-4105 ext. 701

Mental health: 206-363-4105 ext. 231

Mobile Dental Clincs Medical Teams International provides free dental care in King and Pierce Counties based in a mobile dental van. Everyone View the dental clinic schedule an attend one near you
Ukrainian Community Center mental health counseling Mental health counseling is one of many services provided at this center Everyone

Call to ask for counseling services


Testing and treatment of STDs Free testing and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases  Everyone

Look up a clinic in your county and contact the clinic to make an appointment


Testing for HIV Free testing for HIV Everyone 

Look up a clinic in your county and contact the clinic to make an appointment


Public Schools Children are eligible to go to school in Washington state regardless of their immigration status. Everyone Children will be required to complete vaccination requirements in time for school to start for the next school year (September 2022). Schools have nurses that are trained to interpret vaccination records in different languages and can submit this information to the state for you.  
Vaccines For Children and Adult Vaccine Program Free vaccines regardless of insurance or immigration status Everyone Clinics providing free vaccines can be found on this vaccine map: https://fortress.wa.gov/doh/vaccinemap.
Program name Benefit or service Who qualifies (“eligibility criteria”) Contact
Nashi Immigrants Health Board  A non-profit organization aimed at providing resources and health services to the Russian and Ukrainian speaking community.  Everyone 

Olga Okhapkina 


Tamara C. Cunits 



Ukrainian Association of Washington State организует встречи с участием юристов, специалистов в области психического здоровья и других областях для вновь прибывших с Украины. Everyone

Позвоните по телефону: 


Перейдите на сайт по ссылке: 


Jewish Family Services Jewish Family Services помогает клиентам в составлении резюме, осуществляет поддержку в подаче заявления на работу, подготовку к собеседованию, оказывает помощь в составлении бюджета, проводит семинары по профессиональному общению, а также предоставляет информацию по транспортным и банковским вопросам. Обслуживаются также не имеющих разрешения на работу (например, подавших на убежище) условно-досрочно освобожденные и др., если они получают TANF. Everyone

В Сиэтле позвоните по телефону: 206-461-3240 

В южной округе Сиэтла позвоните по телефону: 


В восточном округе Сиэтла позвоните по телефону: 


Ukraine’s Closet Бесплатная одежда, обувь, предметы быта и мебель для украинских беженцев   Ukraine’s Closet в Спокене предлагает бесплатную одежду, обувь, предметы домашнего обихода и мебель для недавно прибывших из Украины.

Позвоните по телефону: 


Часы работы: 11:00AM-7:00PM

Адрес: 9431 N. Division, Spokane, WA 99218

Food Banks Free fresh and shelf-stable food for people who cannot afford groceries Everyone

Call the statewide community resources hotline or review the lists online

211 (that’s the complete phone number)


In Eastern Washington, visit the Second Harvest website