Ukrainian Community Center of Washington

    • Oleg Pynda – this agency provides immigration services, behavioral health and social services. 
  • Social Services: 
    • UCCW provides social services for refugee and immigrants in greater Puget Sound Region who are in need of help in social and economic areas. We are dedicated to improve social services and make them more responsive to the needs of the immigrant population we serve. Individuals who wish to apply for assistance can call our phone line 425-430-UCCW (425-430-8229). If no one is available to answer your call please leave us a message even in your native language. It is our policy to return all phone messages within 24 business hours. 
  • Immigration Services (
    • In 2008, UCCW reached the long-term goal of becoming an accredited agency by the BIA and since that time has employed BIA representative to provide with any immigration advice, filling out immigration forms, and practicing immigration law. Accredited representatives, therefore, have the same basic obligations to their clients as do attorneys in carrying out this representation The mission of accredited representative is to help low and moderate income immigrants in the United States receive the rights and privileges that they are guaranteed under U.S. law. 
  • Ukranian Association of Washington State:  
    • (206) 412-8485 
    • President:  Liliya Kovalenko / E-mail: / Phone:  206-412-8485 
  • World Relief – Richland / Benton County 
  • Pugent Sound (King, Snohomish, and Pierce County) 
    • Diocese of Olympia  
      • International Rescue Committee  
      • Jewish Family Services 
      •  Tina Hlukhovska 
        1. JFS Employment can serve refugees, asylees, SIVs, Afghan Parolees, Victims of Human Trafficking, Amerasians, Cuban-Haitians OR people who receive TANF OR those who are work authorized who are residents of Kent, Redmond, Bellevue or Kirkland.  
          Our standard employment services include one on one Employment Case Management aimed at supporting clients to overcome any barriers they face towards finding stable, fulfilling employment including but not limited to resume creation, job application support, interview preparation, budgeting support, professional communication workshops and transportation and banking orientations. 
          We can serve people are not yet work authorized (asylum seekers, parolees, etc.) if they are receiving TANF. By receiving TANF these individuals agree to partake in the work first program which requires monthly activities to maintain this cash assistance. Work Experience (WEX) is one option for these populations. The WEX program requires that participants volunteer and report those hours to JFS who will then report the hours to DSHS to maintain their cash and food assistance. 

          1. Lautenberg program    
            Everyone who is eligible to participate in this program can apply through our agency.
            Eligibility Questions for Lautenberg Program:  
            1. Are you a legal U.S. resident (refugee/asylum seeker, Green Card holder, citizen) from the former Soviet Union?
            2. Do you have immediate family members (spouse, children, parents, siblings, forebears, grandchildren) in a former soviet union country? Uncles, aunts, nephews, and cousins may be included only if they live with your immediate relatives and they depend on each other financially.
            3. Are your relatives citizens of the former Soviet Union? They also have the right to reside in any other country, but must have citizenship of the former soviet union country.
            4. Are your relatives members of religious minorities determined by U.S. Congress to have been persecuted during the Soviet Union, such as: 

            1. Jews (including ethnicity and religion) 
            2. Evangelical Christians (all denominations) 
            3. Jehovah’s Witnesses  
            4. Ukrainian Greek Catholics (must have been since 1989, public, active, and permanent) 
            5. Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church (must be since 1989, public, active, and permanent) 

          1. So we can help with I-765 (work authorization) and the fee waiver (I-912). We charge $60 for assisting with each application. However, we are not officially representing these clients, so we will sign as the preparer, but not a G-28 as the official representative.  For TPS, I am working on a waitlist of clients who may be interested, as our lawyer Joel will be running some TPS clinics for Ukrainians, and our immigrations team has also discussed offering TPS applications as a paid service in the next few months. But we haven’t started doing them yet.  

            • Lutheran Community Services Northwest 
              • Dina Prigodich /R&P / APA  Program Supervisor  
              • WA State Refugee Advisory Council Member  
              • Refugee Resettlement/ Everett/ Mount Vernon 
              • Lutheran Community Services NW 
              • Direct # (425) 344-9896 
              • No assitance at this time eff 04/25/2022 
            • World Relief – Seattle 
    • Community organized resource website in the Russian language:
  • Spokane County 
    • World Relief – Spokane 
    • Ukraine’s Closet  
      • 9431 N. Division, Spokane, WA 99218 
      • Hours: Monday-Friday 11:00AM-7:00PM 
      • Phone: 509-868-9263 
      • Organized by Zhanna Oberemok 
      • Free clothes, shoes, household items and furniture for Ukrainian refugees 

Refugee Women’s Alliance (King County)